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The Best Tips For Storing Your Shoes

Remember how happy you were when you finally bought that pair of pumps or flats you had been longing for? Now, imagine how devastating it would be if they didn’t last long because you are not storing them properly. Well, to avoid all that, here are some useful tips for storing your shoes properly you should know. 


  1. Don’t Keep Your Shoes On The Floor Of Your Closet 

If you have a lot of space on the floor of your closet, that might be the first place you choose to store your shoes but that’s also a recipe for scuffed and damaged shoes. You may have a hard time finding a matched pair, especially when you’re rushing to work in the morning. Also, you’re likely to damage a few pairs if you are always moving some of them aside in search of your favorite flats or pumps. 

If you have to store your shoes on the closet floor, make sure there is a good plan to it. For instance, don’t keep them in a heap rather you should line them properly and keep the entire collection tidy. Remember, you paid a lot of money for your shoes so you need to pay a lot of attention to how you store them. You may find it better to store them in clear shoe boxes, so they stay tidy and clean but you can also find the pair you need without having to open 10 other boxes to find them. We love this stackable clear shoe organizer:


  1. Don’t Store Your Shoes On Wire Racks 

Another tip to consider when storing your shoes is to try to avoid using wire racks. If you want to get a shoe rack, make sure it’s not made of wire. The wire can scuff suede and it can be difficult to store heeled shoes safely on them. If you don’t have enough space in your home to place a shoe rack, you need to think hard about whether you can actually put a rack in your closet. A tall or tiered rack can get in the way of your hanging clothes. This rack is handy with the extra storage on the side:



  1. Categorize Your Shoes 

When storing your shoes, you may find it handy to sort them into categories. The first category can be the shoes you wear frequently. Separate them out from those you wear fewer times. You probably have that pair of pumps or flats that you love wearing because they are comfortable. Well, those should go into the first category, along maybe with the shoes you wear to work most days. Categorize your shoes into similar styles. For instance, choose one category for pumps, flats and heels that you wear to work every day. If each pair is in the right category, it is much easier to find them in the morning when you’re rushing to work or a meeting. 


  1. Buy A Shoe Storage Solution That Fits 

Yes, you might have a lot of professional shoes, especially if you are going to work every day but there are also other types of shoes that you wear on casual occasions. Therefore, when you’re buying a shoe rack or any other type of storage solution, make sure it can accommodate all the shoes and types of footwear you own. A rule of thumb is to count your footwear before you go shopping to find something that actually fits. We like this stand alone storage solution which is expandable for different sizes of footwear from slippers to boots:

On the other hand, you also need to make sure that any shoe rack or storage solution has enough space to stand in your bedroom or wherever you might choose to have it in your house. If your closet has enough space, make sure you get a shoe rack that actually fits. If there is little space but you have 2 closets, you can always go for 2 smaller shoe racks that will accommodate all your pairs comfortably.


  1. Customized Shoe Storage Options 

There are the standard shoe racks that you can find in various large stores. However, if you have limited space, you can always opt for customized options for storing your shoes. For instance, for flats, you can opt for shoe holders that hang in the closet. On the other hand, you can always get bins for your pumps and other heels that you wear to work. A rule of thumb when choosing customized shoe storage options is to make sure that there is enough ventilation, If your shoes have a fusty smell, the same will be transferred to your feet and nobody wants that! Take your time to find the best shoe storage option that works for your home. These individual clear shoe storage boxes can mean you can create your own personalized storage solution:

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