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Rockabilly Cigarette Pants

One of our lovely Pixie Cove followers asked us to put together some outfits with cigarette pants and a top, specifically in a vintage rockabilly / 50s style, and we are delighted to help. If you have any special occasions coming up and want some outfits put together for you then please do get in contact.

What are Cigarette Pants?

They are slim fit tapered pants which stop with a straight opening an inch or two above the ankle. They were popular in the 1950s and are making a come back today, women typically wear them in almost all colors including denim. We have chosen a black pair today but watch out for future posts where we will experiment with more colors and patterns.

Outfit 1: dress sharp with these skinny leg pants and off the shoulder top.

Pants | Top | Pumps 1 | Pumps 2 | Pumps 3


Outfit 2: go casual with style in these Calvin Klein Pumps

Pants | Shirt | Pumps | Tote


Outfit 3: this outfit is all about the shoes!!

Pants | Top | Pumps | Neck Scarf | Belt

We hope you have enjoyed these Rockabilly cigarette pants outfit ideas and please do let us know if you want any outfits designed for you.

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