How to Nail the Retro Look

The fashion industry has always shown a special interest in the clothing styles of past eras. We have seen these trends making their way back into our closets year after year. Everyone, from celebrities to models to social media fashion influencers are going crazy over the retro trend. If you want to know how to nail the retro trend then you have come to the right place. So, let’s get started!

The Polka Dot Dress

The 40s era was all about polka dots in all sizes. From dresses to tops to swimsuits to skirts to shoes, every fashion article featured vibrant polka dots and women loved sporting them. To nail this 40s trend, grab yourself one of these Vintage Tea Dresses, available in a wide selection of colors.

Cat Eye Sunglasses

If we could bring back one accessory from the 50s, it would be slim cat eye sunglasses that were made famous by the sultry style icon, Marilyn Monroe. Even though this style is vintage it has a very futuristic appearance which makes it perfect for all the eras. These Retro Cat Eye Sunglasses are all you need to add a touch of the 50s era to your accessory collection.

Slingback Heels

A retro outfit is truly incomplete without a pair of high, open toed slingback heels, especially if they are sporting a gorgeous polka dotted pattern. Top your look off with these retro black and white polka dotted high heeled pumps.

Glam Vintage Clutch

vintage clutch will end up being your savior when you’re looking for an accessory to add class, glamour, and charisma to your final outfit.

See the entire gorgeous retro look below which has been completed with a cherry red lipstick and a red silk neck scarf for a feminine touch. With this outfit you will surely turn a few heads wherever you go.

Let us know in the comments where you would wear this retro outfit to?

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