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Outlander Inspired Outfit

At Pixie Cove we are big Outlander fans and so we put together this outfit which we thought Claire Fraser would just love. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Outlander Costume

If you want to put this outfit together for yourself then grab a long flared A-line plaid skirt,


an off the shoulder ruffle peasant blouse,

and pair it with a faux leather corset

and leather ankle cowboy boots.

Accessorize with a warm knitted infinity scarf,

and some celtic jewelry such as this trinity knot bangle and

wooden hair pin.



Let us know in the comments if you have any favorite characters you would like to see an outfit created for.

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DIY Retro Dorothy Wizard of Oz

We are currently focused on Halloween Costumes here at Pixie Cove and after finding all our favorite Retro Halloween Dresses we wanted to expand on those and give you the full details on making your own Retro Dorothy Wizard of Oz Costume. This costume is ideal for people looking to do Halloween on a budget this year as you can make it as simple or elaborate as you desire.

Our biggest dilemma was which shoes to pick!!

Retro Dorothy Costume


To put this outfit together yourself simply grab a checkered blue and white swing dress.

Dorothy Dress

A White Blouse, we went for a steampunk styled one but you could use any white blouse.

White Steampunk Blouse


Your favorite red shoes.  We found two pairs we just loved.

Red Dorothy Shoes


Join the conversation on our Facebook Page to let us know which ones you would pick.

Red Dorothy Shoes

Finish off with your Accessories.

Toto in a basket

And don’t forgot to braid your hair:

We hope you liked this DIY Dorothy Costume, let us know in the comments if you want to see more of the same.

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Retro Halloween Dresses

At Pixie Cove we are on the countdown to Halloween. We love any excuse to get dressed up and this is definitely the season for getting dressed up with Halloween, Thanks Giving and Christmas all on the horizon.  Today we are going to focus on Retro Halloween Dresses that you can purchase as we know you are all busy and sometimes you just need to click and go, but we will be adding posts on how to make your own costumes really soon.

We love Orange and Black for Halloween so this vintage inspired rockabilly swing dress would be an ideal dress for Halloween.

Retro Halloween Dress


We could see this 1950s checkered dress working for a Retro Dorothy Wizard of Oz Inspired Outfit all you need are some red shoes, white ankle socks and a basket, bonus points for anyone who has a little fluffy dog.

Dorothy Dress

For the ladies who don’t want to be any character in particular but just look gorgeous in a Halloween inspired retro dress this rockabilly swing dress is ideal.

Halloween Retro Dress

Finally we couldn’t make a list of retro dresses for Halloween without including one for a Minnie Mouse inspired Costume. This do it yourself outfit can be as simple or elaborate as you choose; simple black shoes and some mouse ears would do for those looking to do Halloween on a budget this year.



Minnie Mouse Dress

Who do you want to dress up as for Halloween?

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Boots for Fall

We know, if you are anything like us, that come the end of August you cannot wait for the first excuse to pull your trusty boots out of the closet.  That satisfying feeling when you step out in them for the first time in Fall is only matched by that first cosy evening snuggled up by the fire with a big mug of cocoa. Even better though than wearing your favorite pair is allowing yourself to browse all the other wonderful boots online for some Fall outfit inspiration.

Boots have become an essential part of any shoe collection and are now not only reserved for fall and winter, they can also form part of your ensemble all-throughout the year. From variations like flat boots, platform boots, wedge boots and heeled boots, to ankle boots and thigh-highs, at Pixie Cove Boutique we love them all as long as they are absolutely gorgeous. The only difficulty will be picking just one, so go ahead and indulge!

vintage lace up boots

If you have a passion for vintage then you are going to love these oxford inspired lace up knee high boots. These gorgeous boots are made from top quality leather, decorated with a oxford shoe trim design, come with a solid stacked heel and comfortable front platform. Pair these with your favorite fall dress and tights and you will have an outfit for any occasion!


Retro Chelsea Boots


Sometimes you need something cute and functional like these Waterproof Chelsea Ankle Boots. Whether you are heading for afternoon lunch with the girls or a weekend getaway these boots will work equally well with your skinny jeans or a cute skirt, all while keeping your feet warm and dry.


Dr Martens

You know you mean business when you step out in the right boots and these Dr Martens are the right boots for making a statement.  Dr Martens are renowned for making durable, comfortable boots and these calf-length leather embroidered boots are no exception. Wear them with your favorite jeans or try for an edgy look by pairing them with an a-line swing dress.


Wedge boots

We love Fall Colors and these Dr Scholl’s Booties in Cooper Brown are perfect for your Fall Wardrobe. When you want a bit of height but still need comfort and stability then wedges are the way to go.  We can picture these with turned up jeans or a wooly skirt and tights.


Let us know in the comments which boots are your favorite.



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Fall into Retro this Season

If you love Fall as much as we do at Pixie Cove then you are going to adore these Retro Pin-Up Fall Outfits we have put together. We know all our Pixie Cove Followers are shoe lovers at heart and so we wanted to center this set of outfits around a gorgeous pair of Betty Page Pumps.

Betty Page Retro Pumps

For our first outfit we focused on some of our favorite fall colors; Red and Yellow. We can see you stepping out in this stunning outfit and turning every head in the park.

Fall Outfit Inspiration

So that you can easily put this outfit together for yourself we have gathered together all the links. One Plaid Yellow Swing Dress, surrounded by red accessories comprising Mary Jane Pumps, Cropped Sweater Cardigan, Knit Cabbie Cap, and Vegan Crossbody Satchel.


For outfit number two we focused on a classic black outfit in the style of Audrey Hepburn, just add your favorite string of pearls to this outfit and you will be painting the town red!

Classic Black Outfit

To get this look for yourself simply pair an A-line Black Dress with Mary Jane Pumps, an elegant evening clutch, long satin elbow gloves and a cocktail fascinator.


For outfit number three we are going for a navy, white and red combo. There are so many occasions that suit this color combination in a 1950s style.

1950s style outfit

We have put together a gorgeous 1950s party dress, with Mary Jane Pumps, a vintage inspired top handle satchel, and oversized flower earrings.


For our fourth and final outfit in this collection we wanted to create a fun and sexy 1960s style outfit by incorporating some flare pants with a fun clutch purse.

1960s Outfit

To recreate this look for yourself pair some flared pants with Mary Jane Pumps, an off the shoulder fitted top, a retro neck scarf, a pair of oversized square sunglasses and a fun retro purse.

Let us know in the comments which of these outfits is your favorite.


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Step Out In Retro Style

It may be the start of Fall but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make the most of the final rays of summer! Step out in retro style in this gorgeous combo; perfect for a Sunday Stroll in the Sun.

Retro Outfit

You can easily put this style together by pairing cropped cigarette pants with a vintage-inspired 1950s off shoulder top, a cropped sweater cardigan and your favorite kitten heels, these cherry on top design really caught our eye. We love how the red buttons on the cardigan tie the heels, pants, top and sweater together.  For the finishing touches grab yourself some cat-eye sunglasses, a bamboo tote and a wide brim straw hat and you are good to go.

If you need some tips on the Ultimate Retro Glam Make Up then check out this tutorial.


Let us know in the comments what you would change about this outfit.


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How to Dress Pin Up Everyday – Pin Up Style History

Get the “Pin-up” Look

Basic Pin Up style tips for work-days or weekends

There is no doubt that pin-up styles that harken back to the mid-20th century are appealing because of their charm and innocence. With cute, flirty, curve-loving fits, pin-up fashions are easy to translate into today’s world.  But, what about the history of the style and what about having the right pieces to establish a fully stocked pin-up wardrobe?


A Brief History of Pin-up Style

Think of the most iconic pin-ups such as Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable or Rita Hayworth and you think killer heels, red lipstick and pulled-up curls with bangs to flatter their foreheads. Wearing a polka dot bikini or an A-line dress, or even black stockings and garter belts (Betty Page style) they were considered pin-ups because their posters were meant to be torn from movie magazines and pinned to a wall.

Swing Dress

You could go ahead and fulfill your pin-up fantasies wearing your favorite style, but you can also make that style toned down and ready for everyday wear with a few key pieces.


Piecing together the Pin-Up Wardrobe

In the 1950s, A-line dresses were the rage. Introduced by designers like Christian Dior, these dresses are still in style. Wear them to parties, wedding receptions, or special events. They feature a narrow waist with a skirt that flows outwards like the bottom of a trumpet.

Pin Up Style Dress

Another important piece is a pair of cigarette pants. These taper at the ankles and feature high waistlines. Start with black so that you have a tailored look you can easily pull off at your next meeting. These are also cute enough to pair with vintage bamboo-handled purses, cat-eye sunglasses and an oversized straw hat with kitten heels for a Saturday stroll.

Cigarette PantsPedal Pushers


Tops and blouses can be of solid colors but choose a few where a little bit of décolleté is visible. This way you have those which you can wear on the weekend and those you can wear with your cigarette pants to work.

Pin Up Outfit


Cropped sweaters are also a plus if you want to look like a true 1950s model. Choose pink for extra femininity.

Pink Cropped Sweater

For any of these above-mentioned staples, you can also incorporate colors and patterns. Flowers, cherries and polka dots are extra vintage!

Cherry Cardigan

And don’t forget to match your nail varnish and lipsticks for that complete look.

Baby Pink Nail Varnish


To create a pin-up fashion look any day of the week for any occasion, you have to have the right shoes. Bring together an assortment of high heels in black or red patent leather along with open-toed sandals, kitten heels, and flats. Start your collection with the basic solids like red, black, white and navy.


Gloves are for the die-hard 1950s style lover, and why not add them to your look? There was a time where women dressed up just to do the grocery shopping – at least that is what June Cleaver seemed to do. While her character never quite made it to pin up territory she was very au currant for the late 1950s in her styles with white gloves for a dinner out with her husband or for running errands.


Headbands are also great accessories to have on hand. Roll a bandana up and tie in a bow at the top. Place around your head and you have instant pin-up worthy hair that you can show off even while painting a garden fence. For this type of weekend activity, you will want to wear a pair of rolled-up Levis and an oversized men’s shirt.


The Complete Pin Up Look

Get the complete pin up look below and you will be well on your way to channeling Betty Davis or Marilyn Monroe – strike a pose!

Pin Up Style

Achieve this look by pairing a vintage flared dress with a cropped cardigan and Mary Jane style pumps. Finish the outfit with a matching clutch purse and oversized sunglasses. And don’t forget your eye lashesnail polish and lipstick. The pin-up style is one that has fallen in and out of fashion. But, in today’s ever-changing world, women like you want to keep this innocent but fun look alive. You can do it with these pin-up style tips and some essential pieces.

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How To Nail The Retro Look

The fashion industry has always shown a special interest in the clothing styles of past eras. We have seen these trends making their way back into our closets year after year. Everyone, from celebrities to models to social media fashion influencers are going crazy over the retro trend. If you want to know how to nail the retro trend then you have come to the right place. So, let’s get started!


The Polka Dot Dress

Sleeveless Polka Dot Dress

The 40s era was all about polka dots in all sizes. From dresses to tops to swimsuits to skirts to shoes, every fashion article featured vibrant polka dots and women loved sporting them. To nail this 40s trend, grab yourself one of these Vintage Tea Dresses, available in a wide selection of colors.


Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cateye Sunglasses

If we could bring back one accessory from the 50s, it would be slim cat eye sunglasses that were made famous by the sultry style icon, Marilyn Monroe. Even though this style is vintage it has a very futuristic appearance which makes it perfect for all the eras. These Retro Cat Eye Sunglasses are all you need to add a touch of the 50s era to your accessory collection.


Slingback Heels

Retro Polka Dot Slingbacks

A retro outfit is truly incomplete without a pair of high, open toed slingback heels, especially if they are sporting a gorgeous polka dotted pattern. Top your look off with these retro black and white polka dotted high heeled pumps.


Glam Vintage Clutch

Rockabilly Clutch

A vintage clutch will end up being your savior when you’re looking for an accessory to add class, glamour, and charisma to your final outfit.

Complete your look with a cherry red lipstick and a red silk neck scarf for a feminine touch and you will be ready to go. Let us know in the comments where you would wear this retro outfit to?

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