About Us

Hello & Welcome to Pixie Cove!

Thanks for taking a few minutes to find out more about us! Go and grab yourself a cuppa (if you haven’t already got one) and keep reading to hear our story and the Pixie Cove vision, as well as how our customers have helped us evolve into the brand we are today.

How We Started

We started out as a mother and daughter venture in November 2015 and we continue to be an all female-owned and family centered business.  From inception we have focused on what women want – we asked our customers for their opinions, thoughts and wish-lists, and this has been the key to shaping Pixie Cove. We pride ourselves on involving our customers in every aspect of the business – product selection, direction and style.

Who We Cater For

Pixie Cove women have strong confident opinions and are not afraid to share them. Our styles are as individual as our opinions.  We source and recommend a wide range of boutique-type fashion, accessories and footwear, with a focus on vintage-inspired and retro styles. Our special love is Pin-up and Rockabilly outfits.

Strong, unique, passionate, sexy and whimsical, with just a smidgen of mischievousness, sums up Pixie Cove style.

We believe that beauty and style should not be defined by fad trends, the year you were born, your skin-colour, the number on the scales, or by the figure in your bank account.   We recommend a range of products in various styles and prices that suit different sizes, ages and lifestyles.  Every woman deserves to know that they are beautiful inside and out and feel empowered in that knowledge.

What We Offer

If you’re looking for a new and interesting piece to add to your wardrobe that speaks to your retro heart and expresses your old vintage soul then look no further than Pixie Cove! Let us take the headache out of looking for your ideal outfits. The information overload of looking online for your next perfect outfit will no longer be necessary as we are going to put together some of the best selections of products from trusted retailers and brands. Let us know if you want a special style created just for you and your special occasion.

We hope you love the relaunched Pixie Cove as we wouldn’t be able to do it without your fantastic support, so thank you to all our wonderful customers and followers, you are the best.

Love, Pixie Cove.