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The 10 Essential Shoes

For many women, buying and wearing a new pair of shoes is truly an experience they love. But with so many to choose from, how in the world can anyone decide which ones to purchase and which would be better off left on the page? The number of pairs of shoes you buy and keep is between you and your budget (we know one woman who won’t count how many she has, so she needn’t feel guilty) but before buying more shoes in your favorite style, make sure you have the 10 essential shoes every woman should have in their closet.

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A Black Heel

Whether you decide to go for a understated classic or you prefer something that has a bit of dazzle, it would be a mistake to forget to add a black heel to your shopping list. Since they will go with almost any outfit and you can wear them to work and then use them to go out after the office is closed, they are one of the 10 essential shoes you would have the most use for. Here are some of our favorites black Mary Jane pumps:


A Boot With A Heel

If you are in a colder climate, wearing a boot in winter (and even in spring or autumn) is probably second nature for you. Unless you are worried about slipping on frost or snow, you can opt for a boot that has a bit of a heel. These will keep you cozy while showing off your sense of style. Check out some of the Pixie Cove Teams favourite boots with heels below:



Ballet Flats

In the past several years, the ballet flat has solidified its spot in many women’s shoe closets, so it should be no surprise that they are making an appearance here. There is nothing cuter than a comfortable shoe that allows you to be unique at the same time. You can take a plain, simple outfit and make it shine by slipping on a pair of flats with a great pattern. Let us know what you think of our favourites by commenting below:



Metallic Heels

Sometimes you need to stop being a wallflower and put on something that makes everyone take notice. The next time you are headed to a special occasion, wear these and get everyone talking. They are best paired with pastels, whites or neutral colors.


A Peep Toe Pump

Why are you paying a ton to get great pedicures if you are not going to show off your pretty toes? The peep toe pump gives you all the excuse you need to show a bit of skin. Also, they make shorter legs look a little longer, so that can be an added bonus.


Flat Sandals

When weather permits, it is nice to head outdoors with a nice pair of sandals on. Whether you decide to get something that you can slide right into or you prefer something that is a little strappy, make sure that they are flat. Heels are great, but not for those times when you plan to visit the beach or do some other activity that does not necessarily involve walking on flat, solid ground.


Wedge Sandals

If you want to add a little oomph to your height and you are not a fan of wearing heels all of the time, then a wedge sandal should be right up your alley. While you have the benefit of showing off your legs and looking taller than usual, the wedge will provide comfort that you  may not get from a basic heel.


A Sneaker

Yes, even if you are the most fashion forward woman in the world, you should still have a pair of sneakers. These are useful for times when you need to run errands, dress down for a moment or go for a run to keep in shape. There are so many types available that it should be easy to find one that fits your particular style.


These are not just for school girls anymore. Imagine showing up for casual Fridays with a pair of these on. Just because you do not have to dress up doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look your best.

A Stiletto

Nothing says sexy or powerful like a great pair of stilettos, the higher the better. Do yourself a favor and buy at least one pair of these. You will definitely be the center of attention; for a great reason. But if you are not used to wearing them, practice first. One woman who always wore heels decided to wear flats or low heels for a while. When she went back to wearing stilettos, she worked up to the highest heels gradually, wearing lower ones at first, then a higher pair later, so she got used to them all over again.



With all of the shoes that are available out there,it can be easy to get distracted by the pleasurable sight of a page of your favorite style on offer when you are surfing, looking for the perfect pair. Whatever you do, make sure that you have at least one pair of each of these shoes on your list and then you will be ready for any occasion at short notice.

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